Remainders - The Things We Didn't Post: All Tablet's Eve Edition

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In today's Remainders, the tablet-confirming Tweet from a German retailer that wasn't really from a German retailer, a video of the Air Force smushing faces with seven Gs, an iPhone app that keeps track of all those rumors, and more!

Markt Up
This morning, technology websites were buzzing with news that the Apple tablet's price had been leaked by a German retailer. The source: a Tweet from German electronics giant Media Markt which claimed the tablet would be available on March 1 for roughly $600 with a T-Mobile contract or $1000 without. This seemed fishy to us. Why would a German retailer be privy to all of this information on Apple's supersecret device? Well, a few hours later our skepticism was confirmed: a Media Markt representative confirmed that the Twitter account was not an official one. The real question here: who's getting their kicks pretending to be a big German electronics store on Twitter? [MacRumors]


Barf Bag
Today Wired dug up this little gem that reminded us why we didn't pursue our dreams of joining the Air Force. Though the video is nearly half a decade old, and thus not quite fresh enough to warrant a post, there is something truly timeless about watching men and women of all shapes and sizes contorted into entirely different shapes and sizes by the face-smushing, mind-melting, puke-inducing power of seven Gs. [Wired]


Scary Berry
If the unicorn is the iPhone's spirit animal in the great Gadgetverse, this monster is surely the Blackberry's. [iRumors
Love playing the rumors game but having trouble keeping track of them all? There's an app for that! David Weiss's Prediction was approved by Apple today and lets you to stay on top of all the latest speculation from the palm of your hand. Even better, it lets you log your take on each rumor so you can see how your gadget prescience plays out in the long run. If that's a little too high tech for you, Weiss put together a handy PDF of all of the prevailing Apple tablet rumors that you can print out and fill out before tomorrow's event. [Daring Fireball]