ReMAKE: Salvage Other People's Junk For Your Project

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MAKE, our favorite people with too much time on their hands, is organizing an even with the Alameda County Computer Resource Center this weekend to let you come by and salvage parts other people have no need for. The ACCRC in Berkeley, CA have been piling up electronics such as "failed inventions" and "half finished prototypes", and they're going to let you swing by for 24 hours starting Noon on the 28th (that's in a couple hours) and pick up whatever you need for free.


So if you're working on making your own mouse mouse, Wiimote Door Lock, or even a SNES Wii Mod, you can probably find some parts you need there.


ReMake: Bay Area electronics recycling event starts tomorrow! [BoingBoing]

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I wish they'd do this in my area.

Wow. I'd probably leave with project ideas just looking at the junk!

I miss you, Edmund Scientific.