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Remember Son in Law, When Pauly Shore Was a Crazy Hacker Named Crawl?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This week, millions of Americans will pack bags, endure crowds, and travel hundreds of miles to be with their families for one meal. If you're alone, this can be a lonely journey—and a pretty grueling meal. If only we all had a Pauly Shore to take with us, like Becca did in Son in Law.

According to critics, the classic 1993 movie is not a great one. (In fact, they all think it's pretty terrible.) But it is fun. In it, the main character, Becca, takes her slacker slash surfer best friend Crawl home to her family's farm in South Dakota. Her conservative parents think Crawl is sooooooo crazy at first, but then they realize he's actually a really great guy.

It was the perfect role for Pauly Shore. The former MTV VJ, was at his peak. The year before, he'd co-starred in Encino Man with Brendan Fraser, and he had not yet bombed his career in Bio-Dome. (Critics really hated that one, though I think it's a work of art.) Pauly Shore was also hip in the most 90s sense of the word. His character even knew how to use computers, a skill that helps him win over Becca's snotty little brother. Crawl does some Hollywood glitch maneuvers stuff on the old desktop, and the brother exclaims: "So you're just an old hacker disguised as an idiot!"

If you had fun watching Son in Law back in 1993, you'll have a blast watching it in 2014. Pauly Shore is still around doing stand up, by the way. His next show is on December 8 in Chattanooga, Tennessee—which would be a great place for him to try out his old fake hacker skills, actually. [Amazon, iTunes, YouTube]