Remember that Pipe Mug from Cabin in the Woods? It's Real Now.

There's an excellent moment in Joss Whedon's horror-comedy Cabin in the Woods, where the stereotypical stoner, Marty, pulls up in his rundown auto drinking coffee from a mug. Except, it's not a mug at all but rather a giant retractable water bong. As is true with most awesome props, the smoke mug has become reality.

Described as a "patent pending" coffee mug water pipe, this tobacco pipe looks like an unassuming mug but telescopes into a pipe when it's time to smoke...whatever it is you're going to smoke. The product isn't available for purchase quite yet, according to the website, and is apparently still being manufactured. I'll be the first to say that the website makes me question the likelihood of this pipe ever fulfilling your personal smoking dreams, but at least someone is trying to bring this functional and convenient movie prop to the masses.


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