Remember when a witch put a curse on Morris Day?

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Having Morris Day, Prince's former nemesis and lead singer of the Time, star in a sitcom? Brilliant idea. Casting him as a womanizing hairdresser who gets lectured about sexism for half an hour every week? Ummmm... Okay.

Many people don't even remember the much-heralded sitcom New Attitude, starring Day at the height of his powers. I think only a couple episodes ever aired, and it made Graffiti Bridge look like a brilliant star vehicle by comparison. The only episode I even remember is the one where Morris Day — who depends on his animal magnetism and mojo to please his lady hairdressing clients — gets cursed by a witch whom he used to date. Day loses his mojo and becomes despondent. Lots of scenes of Morris Day trying to be sexy and failing.


The best bit — which sadly isn't online — is when Morris Day goes for a consultation with another witch, who scans him with her witch powers and determines that he's not actually cursed — just feeling internalized shame. Which turns out to be easy to cure by the end of a sitcom half hour.

Why aren't full episodes of New Attitude available online? Why why why?