Remind Yourself How Beautiful Nature Is By Watching This Stunning Yosemite Timelapse

I'm a city boy, I love everything about a city—the energy, the bars, the buildings, the noise—and would cry suburgatory if you stripped me away from the city life. But after watching this Yosemite timelapse video, I might take a sabbatical into nature myself. It's so gosh darn beautiful.

And peaceful! And full of life. Real life! I love how the night sky shines and rotates. I love how the snow is so peaceful. The green of the trees! I'm even flipping out at how gorgeous the rocks are. God, why would anyone want to live in a city after watching this. Nature, man. Nature.

The timelapse video of Yosemite was made by Sheldon Neill and Colin Delehanty with a Canon 5D Mark II. I remember going to Yosemite as a kid and I remember it being beautiful but this!? Mother Earth is the most beautiful thing there is. [Vimeo, Vimeo via The Daily What]


Music: Outro by M83

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Ollie, The Magic Bum

The movement in each take, was that done on camera (like moving the camera around while it was taking the shots) or via the software wich it took to make the video? I imagine it's just a software trick, like on a slideshow, right?