Soothe Yourself With Every Single Oscar Winner for Best Cinematography

Take a deep breath before you watch this collection of every Academy Award winner for Best Cinematography. There are so many wonderful shots and beautiful movies from 1927 to today that you might get lost in them and forget how to live.

Burger Fiction put together this clip, which is essentially a trailer for the best looking movie of all time—there are even a few early gems I had no idea existed. Watching the video also reminded me that the Academy had curiously split up the best cinematography category between black and white films and color films between 1939 to 1967. After they got combined, the only black and white film to win the award was Schindler’s List.

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I am sorry but Black Swan should have won out over Inception. There were three characters in Black Swan: Portman, Kunis, and the Cinematographer. Inception just never stood out the same way.