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Remote Control Jammer

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TVs are everywhere, and sometimes there's even one showing something that you'd like to watch, but then along comes a bartender or someone you live with who changes the channel at the most inopportune time. For that, we present the Remote Control Jammer, a tiny device that blocks all infrared signals so that you're the only one in control.


Try it out for a practical joke or two, if nothing else. Who knows, someone might actually get up off her ass and walk over to the TV, changing the channel without a remote, like our forefathers used to do in olden times. Is this possible?

Product Page [The Gadget Shop]

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I have prepared a simple circuit of ior remote control jammer.

I have used three ir led in it.

So,I want to know that on which frequencies general purpose ir led works?

PLEASE reply me as soon as faster..........