Remote Controlled Ship...Pirate Ship

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This remote controlled Pirate Ship isn't branded Pirates of the Caribbean. But it should be. Come on, it wouldn't take much. It already has a Jolly Roger flag. Just stick a G.I.Joe action figure painted up like Keith Richards at the helm. And you could even make Ken and Barbie walk the retractable plant, right into the jaws of a remote controlled shark. Arrrgh!

The ship's remote takes 8 AA batteries, has a range of 500 feet, and the boat's rechargable batteries will last 6 hours since they merely adjust the ship's rudder, and the mainsail. The boat's 12 cannons don't function, unfortunately.

RC Pirate Ship [via UnUncrate]

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Oh for the ability to rig a small compressed air/mechanical BB loading system into those cannons. And then to fire full broadsides into the little sailboats of children at ponds.