Repo Man Takes Lear Jets and Jumbos, Even from Armed Neo-Nazis

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Nick Popovich was in a South Carolina airfield, about to repossess a Lear Jet from a heavily armed white supremacist gang. One of the guards told him "You move another inch and I'll blow your fucking head off."

"You move another inch and I'll blow your fucking head off," the gravel-and-nicotine voice told Popovich.

"Well, you better go ahead and shoot, 'cause I'm grabbing that plane."

A shot was discharged in the air.

The gravel-and-nicotine voice again. "I'm not kidding."

"Then do it already."

That's just part of "The Lear Jet repo man"—the story about a man who is making millions by repossessing airplanes—by Marc Weingarten. Yes, not Porsches from garages, but full airplanes including everything from expensive private jets to Boeing 747s. And not from any garage, but from "rich" people in the US, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. His experiences, as you would expect, are fascinating. And with "fascinating" I mean "this guy has balls the size of Texas." [Salon—Thanks Roger]