Amazon Prime is one of the best deals on the internet, but the $99/year subscription price can be a little daunting. Amazon is rolling out new monthly subscription offers and breaking out Prime Video into its own subscription for the first time.

Per the report, the new subscription offers will cost $11 a month for Prime, and $9 for just Prime Videoā€”a not-so-subtle undercutting of Netflix, which just raised its monthly subscription prices to $10. Itā€™s also notable that Amazon is opening up Prime Video as its own service for the first time. Update 04/18/2016: The new options are now live.


Monthly subscriptions make sense for Amazonā€”the more Prime users, the better. The price is a little worse than buying the $99/year regular Prime offer, but it could be a better deal if you only need Prime occasionally. It opens up the option to subscribe to a month of Prime, rather than paying a bunch of small shipping charges if youā€™re stocking up your home office.

The new options are supposed to be online by Monday morning, so if youā€™ve been waiting to pull the trigger on Prime but couldnā€™t stomach the cost, it might be worth a look.


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