Report: Amazon Is Testing Its Own Wireless Network

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According to a Bloomberg report, Amazon has tested its own wireless network. As in a network that people would use to connect to the Internet. As in axing the middle man and essentially becoming a carrier or ISP on its own. As in potentially using a 'Amazon Wireless'-type service to get on the Internet from our Amazon Kindle Fire tablets to shop on or stream Amazon Instant Videos. Crazy.


It was only a test run, so nothing is exactly imminent, but Bloomberg's sources say the test was performed in Cupertino, California (Apple's hometown) and used a spectrum controlled by Globalstar Inc., a satellite communications company. If this test turns out to be a real thing, Amazon could theoretically control the whole experience of the Internet for its customers. Not bad for a bookstore.[Bloomberg]

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Not bad for a bookstore.

It's really fucking amazing when you think of their past. A company that sold just books has morphed into selling you basically any product you can demand in lightning fast shipping combined with their new digital investments. A true fucking success story.