Report: Amazon's Trying to Buy Twitch Out From Under Google

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According to The Information (paywall), Amazon is in "late-stage talks" with Twitch over a possible acquisition. This is particularly shocking since it's been previously reported that a YouTube and Twitch team-up for $1 billion was pretty much a done deal.


But now it seems Amazon is making a play to steal Google's live stream dreams. The Information says that details are still pretty spotty but that the deal "could be announced shortly," according to someone close to the transaction.

The Wall Street Journal also reports that Amazon has agreed to acquire Twitch for more than $1 billion after talks with Google "cooled in recent weeks," according to anonymous sources familiar with the negotiations.

There are a couple scenarios that we could be dealing with here. Google and Amazon are both interested in Twitch, the original rumors surrounding YouTube's interests were much less official than originally reported, or someone is just plain wrong. So far no one on the inside has said anything about a bidding war, and The Information doesn't leave much room for discussion. With the details that we do have, it's likely that we could see Amazon pick up Twitch in the end, but anything is possible. [The Information]


Google will just turn around and buy Amazon if they really wanted twitch and Amazon had already beat them too it.