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Report: Apple TV's Getting NFL Now App in Time For This Season

Illustration for article titled Report: Apple TVs Getting NFL Now App in Time For This Season

Microsoft and the NFL might have a cozy relationship, but that doesn't mean Apple is being kept from all the action on the gridiron. 9to5Mac reports that the app, NFL Now, will also come to Apple TV later this month.


The NFL made no mention of Apple TV when the app was announced back in January, saying NFL Now would be available for Android, iOS, Windows, PCs and "select consoles and streaming devices, including Microsoft's Xbox One." After Roku, Fire TV, and Kindle Fire integration was announced in May, it seemed that Apple TV might be left out of the streaming club. That appears not to be the case.

The app will run as a freemium service giving fans access to all things football—except the actual televised games themselves—including game highlights, live events, press conferences, original content as well as videos pulls from


The NFL is undergoing a technological change this season. Players and coaches will use Surface Pro 2s on the sidelines to watch instant replays and the league also tailored made new apps for Windows 8 and the Xbox One. Perhaps importantly though, the pickup indicates that Apple TV is continuing its steady march towards living up to its enormous potential. [9to5Mac]

Image by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

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what do you mean "freemium"? is some of the content available for purchase?