Report: Google and Nest Want to Offer Home Surveillance

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Google is reportedly hoping to add home security to Nest's portfolio. According to The Information, it's been considering a purchase of Dropcam—the worldwide leader in cloud-powered remote monitoring systems.


The report explains that Google has been considering a purchase of Dropcam in an attempt to add another facet to its rapidly growing smart home division. Early this year, Google bought Nest—which manufactures smart thermostats and smoke alarms—for a cool $3.2 billion.


It's far from clear what stage any talks between Google, Nest and Dropcam are actually at—or if they are still progressing at all. But it is clear that Dropcam would be a good fit: its core product is a camera that saves footage to the cloud, allowing users to check the recordings anytime, anywhere. It couldn't sound like a more Nest-like way to monitor your home.

Still, for now, the report only serves as an indication that Google and Nest might be interested in branching out into home surveillance. Seemingly, then, it could be the year of the smart home: yesterday, rumors swirled about Apple's plans to use the iPhone as a universal remote for your entire house. Looking after your home may never have been so much fun. [The Information]


Image by nolifebeforecoffee under Creative Commons license