Report: Kindle Fire 2 Could Show Up Next Month

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Microsoft's shown off Surface, Google just might reveal its own tablet, and according to an unnamed CNET source, Amazon is joining the party with the Kindle Fire 2, reportedly set to debut in July.

The rebooted Fire will allegedly have a camera and volume control buttons, though other specs like onboard memory and processor are rather vague. While CNET does have some info from a "credible" source, much of its post relies heavily on chatter from the Digitimes, the rumor-mongering unreliable bullshit machine. However, a new Kindle Fire is not outside of the realm of possibility. In fact, with the one year anniversary of the announcement of the first-gen device coming up, and with several of its competitors coming out with new slates, an update is rather likely. [CNET]

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Leslie Horn

Okay, so if by the end of the summer you have a choice—iPad, Surface, Google Nexus tablet, or Kindle Fire 2—what are you buying?