Report: New Chromecast With Better Hardware and Spotify Due This Month

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If the new Apple TV didn’t do it for you, an overhauled Chromecast might. A new report suggests that a new model will be launched later this month, with majorly updated hardware and new features — including Spotify support.


9to5Google reports that one of the major improvements will be to the wifi spec: the first generation offered only 802.11b/g/n support, while the site speculates that the new device could offer the faster 802.11ac band. There’s also talk of a Chromecast Audio — which may in fact be a different piece of hardware — which would allow you to attach the streamer to audio hardware directly using an aux lead, offering multi-room support and the ability to mirror Chrome or Android audio.

That might prove handy, because 9to5Google also hears that Google is planning to announce Spotify support for the Chromecast. Elsewhere, there’s talk of a new “Fast Play” feature, which is thought to make the process of connecting to your Chromecast a little quicker, as well as support for ‘content feeds’ on the home screen. It’s not yet clear what those feeds might be, though we suspect it will probably include social or news feeds.


Finally, 9to5Google also has some very blurry pictures of what the device might look like. If they’re accurate, they show a similar, if slightly larger, dongle, available in bright primary colors ad well as the existing black.

As usual, these are rumors so they need to be taken with a pinch of salt — but these all certainly seems like perfectly believable additions to the little stick.

[9to5Google and 9to5Google via Verge]

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I have had a Chromecast since it first debuted and I have probably used it 8 times. I still don’t really get how it works or what the benefits are? For another couple bucks one can get a Roku and have all the same playback options without the clunky phone-as-remote interface of the Chromecast. Perhaps I am not using it correctly or I am not using it to its full potential?

It does have pretty screensavers, however.