Report: Windows 8.1 Update May Scrap Tile Interface By Default

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Windows 8 is an OS struggling to capture the imagination of the masses, and now rumors suggest that Microsoft may alter the way its Start Screen works in Windows 8.1 Update 1.


When Windows 8.1 landed last year it included an option to bypass the Metro interface. But now "sources familiar with Microsoft's plans" have told The Verge that Microsoft is planning to enable that setting by default, rendering the tiled interface an option rather than the norm. Apparently the latest builds of Windows 8.1 Update 1 at Microsoft boot straight to the desktop.


If that's true—and it's still a fairly big if—it would no doubt be motivated by a desire to make the OS more user friendly for those using a gool ol' keyboard and mouse, rather than a touchscreen. That would be reasonable, given that the likes of HP have even started pushing Windows 7 over 8 to solve that exact problem.

Even if this is all correct there's still plenty of time for Microsoft to have a change of heart and maintain the Metro interface at boot. But given the Start button has already been resurrected thanks to popular demand, booting to desktop could just go the same way. [Verge]

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Jerk Dently

I don't understand why Microsoft doesn't have a utility that runs when you buy your computer that asks you how you'd like to have your UI configured.

"Are you using a touch screen device? The Start Screen is perfect for you..." and show you the benefits.

"Are you using a keyboard and mouse? Would you prefer the traditional desktop or would you like to try the Start Screen? You can switch back at any time..."