Restoring a Rusty Butcher's Knife Found in the Trash Back to a Sparkly Blade Is Damn Nice

If I saw this deeply rusted cleaver in the trash, I’d leave it exactly where it was, because I wouldn’t think there would be any way to save the thing. Luckily, the person salvaging this ruined butcher’s knife is way smarter and way more resourceful than me, because in less than three hours, he turned a destroyed knife into what looks like a brand-spanking new blade that can chop the hell out of anything.


The knife was very, very rusty with some pitting on the blade that went fairly deep. Sandpaper didn’t do a damn thing at first but after switching up his tools, the knife starts to shine like its old self in no time.


C.M. Allen

As nice as this is, things are made to be disposable in the modern world. It costs less money or is simply quicker and easier to replace than it would to refurbish. An inexpensive cleaver is $30. But for ~3 hours of your time, you can refinish the minimum wage of $10 an hour...or $30. Pretty sure most people value their time far higher than $10 an hour too.