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Restrictions on PSP Minis Make them Nearly Pointless

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

PSP Minis, coming to the PSP Go, are just like iPhone/Android apps (just more focused on gaming). But the list of things developers can't do on the platform destroys any point of its existence in the first place.

• no network or online features
• no downloadable content (expansions)
• no peripheral support


It's funny, the 100MB size restriction is the least of PSP Minis' problems. We're talking about closed box games, titles that are not only restricted in terms of multiplayer, but completely thwarted from doing anything interesting (like rendering superior graphics or, say, pinging twitter) in the cloud.

The original PSP was forward-thinking, stuffed with stars in its eyes as it promised networking with the PS3 anywhere from in the world. Now PSP Minis present the complete opposite idea. You will play your game on the PSP, and on the PSP it will stay. [joystiq via kotaku]