Retractable Sun Rooms Let the Light, Breezes, and Insects In

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Like the roof of a sports stadium turned on its side, these Opensun verandas can retract, turning what was once a sealed sunroom into an open patio. Letting in ample light, fresh breezes, and the local wildlife.

Since it hasn't made an appearance in my neck of the woods for a few days, I'm all about embracing the sun when it's not hidden by clouds. But I can do that by simply going outside. The whole point of building a veranda or a sunroom is to protect you from the elements. Which is why patio doors have screens. With this wide open, you're subject to squirrel attacks and bird bombing runs.

The rotating Opensun mechanism looks like it's highly scalable, though. Providing restaurants with a way to seal up and keep using their patios during inclement weather. And if you're interested, just be aware that this isn't a weekend Home Depot project. This is some heavy duty hardware, and presumably the price tag will reflect that. [Opensun via Fancy]