Reuters: iPhone 6 Display Redesign Could Limit Availability

Illustration for article titled Reuters: iPhone 6 Display Redesign Could Limit Availability

Whether it's made of sapphire or not the display of the next iPhone is rumored to be causing some trouble.Reuters reports that Apple suppliers are "scrambling to get enough screens ready" for the new phone as a last-minute redesign has disrupted production.


The newswire explains that two supply chain sources have told it that panel production was affected when the backlight for the new phone was redesigned. Apparently Apple was pushing to use a single layer of backlight film, instead of the usual two for phones of 4.7-inches (which we're now possibly probably expecting), to keep the phone thin. That pushing of boundaries didn't quite work out though: the display wasn't bright enough. That meant a redesign and, in turn, an idling display production line.

Apparently production is now "back on track" with suppliers "working flat-out to make up for lost time." Reuters claims that it's unclear if the problems will delay the launch of the iPhone or limit its available numbers when it first goes on sale. Though, arguably, we don't have long to wait before we find out: Apple is holding a press event on September 9th which is expected to usher in the iPhone 6. [Reuters]



Why is it that 90% on these leaks include some lame out of your ass assumption that production will be limited?...