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Rex Bionics Has The Technology

Illustration for article titled Rex Bionics Has The Technology

This is Rex. Not the man, he's called Hayden—Rex is short for Robotic Exoskeleton, and it's the name of the robotic pants Hayden's wearing. Robotic pants that let him walk for the first time in five years.


There are a couple of minor issues with Rex in its current form—it moves very, very slowly, with the robotic legs taking an age to trundle slowly forward, plus there's the awkward $150,000 price tag it'll have when it launches internationally in 2011. But apart from that... it's robot legs! Working robot legs! Here's a video of Hayden & Rex joined together at the hip, thigh, knee and calf. [Rex Bionics via TVNZ]

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The first thing I'd utter when walking in my robotic pants: "Dead or alive, you are coming with me."