Rhapsody and Haier Go PC-Free with Ibiza Wi-Fi Music Player

Today Rhapsody and Haier launched the Ibiza Wi-Fi music player, which lets you download Rhapsody tracks via Wi-Fi without connecting to a PC first. This is really good news for Rhapsody users, until now there was no true portable device for managing tracks, though Apple, Microsoft and SanDisk (with Yahoo) have launched similar products. The question is, how good will Chinese-electronics maker Haier be at entering a game both Apple and Microsoft have approached only gingerly? Here's a look at the ambitious initial hardware, Haier's first US-destined DAP:

First, there's a $330 unit available in four colors, with 30GB hard drive and Bluetooth for wireless headphones and A2DP streaming. It will also have an FM radio and "custom skinning" for a personalized UI. Next up, in the "near future" will be a $230 4GB flash-based model, and a $250 8GB one. Neither of those will have Bluetooth. Prices don't include Rhapsody portable subscription, which at last check was $15 per month.


In addition to browsing all of Rhapsody's content, you can pick up free AOL Video clips, subscribe to podcasts directly from the device, and update firmware without going to a PC. [Rhapsody and Haier via Electronista]

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