Rhapsody Joins The Sprint-apalooza

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Just days after Sprint announed that Sirius will be available on its handsets comes news that you can get streaming music from Real Rhapsody through PCS Multimedia Vision Service as well. Clever sounding stations such as "Urban Hitz Radio" and of course, "Country" will be available. Also, it seems you can get podcasts from one radio station in Santa Monica (KCRW.com) in case you've been dying to listen to Morning Becomes Eclectic. And don't forget the plethora of crappy music videos available from IMNTV. The oddest feature is called "Beats N Break," which gives you a the basic beats from a bunch of popular songs and lets you "freestyle rap to the instrumental tracks." This is so hip and underground that it makes me feel old. Of course you'll have to sign a contract promising you won't sing any lyrics in public that you don't own the copyright to. This service will set you back another $6.95 a month. How long would I have to put my hat out on a streetcorner while freestyling with my Beats N Break to make that much money? A long, long time.

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