RIAA Boycott: Kicking Things Off

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Well, today is officially the first day of our RIAA boycott. How do you all feel? Well rested? You eat a hearty breakfast? Good. In case you missed it, our Anti-RIAA Manifesto is a great place to read up on the facts of the issue and get prepped for the month ahead.


This morning I chatted with Xeni Jardin of BoingBoing on NPR about the RIAA's lawsuit tactics and our boycott. You can hear some of the interview as it was broadcast here and read Xeni's BB post about the show here.

Check back tomorrow for some tips on how to be proactive in taking the battle to the RIAA. We can't win this battle by just not buying CDs, after all.

NPR "Xeni Tech" - RIAA vs. college students, Gizmodo boycott [Boing Boing]



I love the spirit in which Gizmodo is doing this, but I thought the Southern Baptist Convention proved that boycotts don't work anymore. When they called for a boycott of Disney for Disney's position on gay and lesbian issues, the people that were supposed to be boycotting said, "Whatever," and the Southern Baptist Convention had to withdraw its boycott.

I dislike the RIAA and MPAA just as much as anyone for their anti-consumer practices, but I also love their products. I'm not going to limit myself to indie labels.

Also, I can't be sure that Gizmodo is sincerely asking for a boycott, but instead dedicating a month to educate readers on the practices of the RIAA and MPAA. Instead of labeling this as a month-long boycott, why not label it as Anti-RIAA/MPAA Month?

I support Gizmodo on its strive to educate, if this is your aim.