RIAA Tires of Suing Babies and Elderly; Moves on to Paralyzed Stroke Victims

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John Paladuk, a retired railroad employee whose left side was completely paralyzed by a stroke last year and uses the resulting disability check as his sole means of income, is being sued by the RIAA for copyright infringement. Also, he lived in Florida during the time period the RIAA is accusing him of engaging in nefarious acts of piracy. In Michigan.


Way to go, guys. We have to hand it to you—every time we think you can't go any lower or give us fresh reasons to hate you, you go exceed all of our expectations. Who's next, an aborted fetus? Thanks for adding more fuel to the boycott fire each and every day, we appreciate it. Though you really could just stop, we'd appreciate that too.

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Maybe there is an easy answer to the RIAA's bullshit. The entire nature of their policy is extortion: Settle now for $X or be sued for $XXXX. Most people settle. They don't care that they have targeted innocent people, all money is green to them. The source doesn't matter to these people.

I propose a coordinated counter attack. If a thousand people sued the RIAA, say in the month of May, in their local small claims court for whatever reason, the RIAA would have to respond, or risk losing these cases. People complain that we are a litigious society, and they are right. Anyone can sue anyone else for whatever reason. The RIAA would have to send a lawyer to answer the case or they get a judgment against them. I don't think the RIAA has that many lawyers. Imagine the resources wasted by the RIAA trying to defend themselves...