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Riders of SF's Tech Buses Would Prefer To Keep Their Commutes as Cushy as Possible

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

San Francisco needs help. It also needs to decide where to put bus stops for the hundreds of shuttle buses that creep through its streets, gathering wizened, under-caffeinated developers for their journeys to jolly Mountain View. A survey that asked for such logistical input provided some additional—and perhaps unsolicited—insight into these private transit experiences.

SFist takes a look at the survey responses provided by SFMTA, which will help to develop a more centralized hub-like system of stops throughout the city. Although the survey was anonymous, SFist brilliantly correlated the responses with IP addresses, so we can be fairly confident that these are in fact, what tech workers at Facebook, Google, and Apple are thinking. Or, rather, threatening?



  • “If there isn’t a shuttle stop within a 5 minute walk I will resort to driving to work, which is completely contrary to all of the above goals.”
  • “Any hub should be within a 5 minute walk from [19th Ave and Kirkham]. Otherwise me and a ton of other people will all resort to driving, which is going to add a ton of pressure to our already congested roads. Please don’t let the anti-progress ‘progressive’ people dictate who should live in this city.”


  • “You should not do anything to make the shuttle system more difficult. If you do, people will just drive themselves which will snarl traffic even more.”
  • “I think the Hub proposal would significantly devalue property in San Francisco and should not be pursued.”


  • “The hub system is an absolutely terrible idea. It completely defeats the purpose of the shuttle program and is clearly designed to try and get rid of it altogether by making it less appealing. If a hub is not within walking distance for me, you know what I’ll do? Drive.”

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