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Here's a ridiculous rumor that has just about zero chance to be true. Some guy on a forum says a Gamestop employee told him that Microsoft is bringing an Xbox Ultimate complete with HD DVD drive built right in. Judging from the "transcript" the user posted, neither him or the Gamestop employee really knew what they were talking about, but hey, this is a forum. What did you expect? Transcript:

Me: Hey, do you have the Premiums with the hdmi? GT: Those are called the elites. They are right there. ME: No, I mean the premiums, *points*, with hdmi. GT: They're not making them yet till like later. ME: They're making them now, I've seen pictures of them online. GT: No, they're not. You got it wrong. ME: Nowai. GT: Let me explain, they're making the elites into premiums, and dropping the core. ME: WHAA.. GT: Microsoft told me they're making the elites into premiums, and later they're releasing xbox ultimate. ME: WTF is that? GT: It's the xbox 360 that has a hdmi, and a HD-DVD drive to compete with blu-ray. ME: Are they putting HD-DVD games on it? GT: Yeah, Microsoft is competing against Blu-ray. ME: Orly, what about the 9 million people that bought 360 last year. They're fucked! lol GT: No, they're fine. ME: The 360 can't play HD-DVD right now. GT: Well it could, sort of. The xbox ultimate and the HD-DVD drive just makes it more HD. ME: ... ME: ... ME: ... ME: Uh, so who do you think will win the war. GT: Blu-ray or HD-DVD, too early to tell. ME: Not that one. The other one. GT: Uh, 360 man. ME: The Wii is kicking it's ass right now. GT: Well, you see, the wii is in another market by itself on the side. ME: It's new-gen. GT: Yeah. ME: It's nice talking to you. I tell my forum about xbox ultimate. GT: Peace out.


[Neogaf via Gamers Creed via Slashgear]

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