Ridiculous Sony AIBO Accessories

A few guys and a researcher were messing around with building a playroom for the AIBo so it could learn new skills. In the process, they came up with some accessories for the AIBO that makes it look pretty damn goofy.

There's the AIBO pen, where it can draw things on a pad with its mouth, a scooter, so it can ride around like a fat Silicon Valley yuppie, a turtle shell for...turtling, and a travel system so you can carry it around on your chest like a proud father—which means the mother is also some kind of robotic dog...let's not go there.


You can see all these objects from the AIBO playroom on display during the "Intensive Science" exhibition in Paris at the La Maison Rouge October 6th and 7th. Save all your pointing and laughing energy until then.

Frogs, scooter, clothes and helmet for AIBO [We Make Money Not Art]

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