Riding a Kayak Down a Mountain in a Ditch Is Scarier Than a Roller Coaster

Watching brave kayakers navigating tumultuous whitewater rapids is terrifying enough, but Rush Sturges and Ben Marr decided they needed a more exciting way to risk their lives. So they dragged a tandem kayak up to the top of a drainage ditch in the woods, and then hopped in for a ride back down that looks more thrilling than any roller coaster.


Not only did they have to strategically use their paddles to keep their kayak upright through the entire ride, there’s a heart-stopping moment in the video where they both have to duck their heads down as they pass beneath an overhead wire that could have easily cut their trip—or their lives—short.




I didn’t see the wire the ducked but all in all not the most dangerous thing I’ve seen people do. Honestly, they seemed very well prepared to do it safely.