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RIM Announcing BlackBerry With Touchscreen AND Full Keyboard, Storm With US HSDPA in May?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Boy Genius—whose BlackBerry track record is close to impeccable—has early word from his sources that RIM is dropping not one, but two berry-flavored bombs at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium in May: a Storm that runs on full U.S. HSDPA (i.e., AT&T's 3G, not just the 2100MHz band), and more awesomely, a BlackBerry wiith a touchscreen and a full QWERTY keyboard, basically a Bold with touch—the holy grail for some BlackBerry users. RIM's track record at launching stuff on time can be horrible, so we might not actually hear about these in May. But when we met with RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis to check out the Storm, he said that they had looked at doing a touchscreen with a slide-out keyboard, but it made the phone too fat. A Bold-like phone with touchscreen, though, would obviously solve the fatass problem, and the Bold's giant screen would give you a fair bit of real estate to poke your greasy finger around. And a Storm in a fully baked GSM flavor at some point just seems like duh—Verizon can't have all the love forever. [BGR]