RIM BlackBerry 8800 Hands On

So here we are in Barcelona, Spain at the 3GSM World Congress where we plan on shining our spotlight on the coolest, newest mobile phones around, and what do we see first? RIM's hot new BlackBerry 8800—hanging from a metallic, octopus-like tentacle at the RIM booth. We knew the 8800 was coming, but now that we got some time to play with it, I gotta say—it's a huge improvement over the Pearl. (I was never a fan of SureType). The full QWERTY keyboard is big and easy to use (especially if you have big paws like me). There's also a QVGA display, a microSD slot, and though it's wider than the Pearl, I kinda like the extra junk in the trunk. And of course there's the signature white nipple sitting right in the 8800's midriff. Full gallery to come.


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