RIM CEO Confirms Storm 2 In the Vaguest Way He Can

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RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie confirmed to Reuters that the company is planning a "next-generation" touch device, and that the original Storm was a "huge success." Well, at least "in terms of sales and adoption."


His ever-so-slightly defensive tone is of course justified by the tepid reaction that RIM's first touchscreen handset garnered from reviewers and users. However, regarding how the next Storm might address these weaknesses, he has virtually nothing to say: nothing about this alleged "new input method" (slide-out keyboard?); nothing about adding Wi-Fi; nothing about re-engineering that clumsy clickscreen; nothing at all about anything, really.

All we've got is a confirmation of rumors that there will be some kind of new touchscreen hardware, which we'll probably eventually be able get excited about. Just not yet. [Reuters via Reg Hardware]



Sounds like this guy is being as vague so he can protect and keep his RIM job.