Riot-Busting Backpack Scorches Your Face and Dyes You Blue

If you're rioting/looting/celebrating the victory of your local ballgame squad, and you see a cop with one of these—run in the opposite direction. The Crowd Buster is well-named, firing five gallons of pepper spray up to 150 feet.

But it's not just pepper spray—oh no, this isn't something you keep in your purse. The Crowd Buster is so menacing, it requires a crew of two to operate—one to hold the pack, and one to spray—I mean, disperse—the shit out of everyone. Pellet-fire or fine mist modes are both available, should you want to target particular miscreants or just gas a giant crowd. And once they're writhing in pain, they won't be able to slip away anonymously—the spray contains a dye that sticks for up to three weeks.


Still, I think I'd rather go up against this monster than the taser-launching helicopter. Police are getting some very imaginative new toys! [AWT via KitUp!]

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