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Hyper-competitive South Koreans have been using a light and sound machine to help them relax and focus on their studies—but the jury's still out on the science of the device. The MC Square is not a hip-hop act, but a small Walkman-sized control unit that runs sequences of flickering lights and rhythmic pulsating sounds out to LED-installed goggles and stereo headphones in combinations that allegedly change brainwaves, helping you to screen out distracting thoughts and ace that big test. It sounds like X-Ray Spec-style hokum, and there are plenty of these focus gadgets available stateside as well. The difference is that MC Square's backers have made enough money to commission two reputable U.S. universities, Penn Medicine and Thomas Jefferson University, to run studies on the device. I'm betting that the results of this research will never see the flickering and pulsating light of day.

High Tech Gadget Helps Boost Concentration [The Korea Times]


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