Riverdale's Gonna Riverdale

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Just another day in the most six-packed town in America.
Image: The CW (YouTube)

Let’s see what’s going on in the sweetest town in America: a resurrected sibling corpse, gun-toting vigilantes, shirtless car washes, and of course a haunted doll. What you might call the apocalypse is just another day in Riverdale.

The cast and crew of the CW’s Riverdale revealed a new look at season four during New York Comic Con, which commemorates senior year at Riverdale High with the most Riverdaley things possible. Archie is opening a community center... and posing as yet another masked vigilante. Veronica Lodge is dealing with her father’s baggage and sneaking into prisons wearing the most-conspicuous disguise ever. Jughead’s heading to prep school. And Betty’s, well, come on we all know what she’s doing. Investigating things and acting mysterious.


Then you’ve got Cheryl Blossom, who’s basically on a different show than everybody else at this point with a storyline involving her captive dead brother, a Ouiji board, a hot Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn costume team-up with her girlfriend...and a haunted doll named Julia?

The featurette also gives a glimpse at the upcoming season premiere, which centers around the death of Archie’s father, played by the late Luke Perry. It promises to be an emotional departure for the series, which has typically stayed in the realm of the delightfully absurd. It’s hard losing a cast member and friend, and I applaud the show for honoring his memory with such grace.


Riverdale returns with season four on October 9.

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