Roam Ropes Are Necklace Headphones You Won't Lose

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Beats By Dre co-founder Steven Lamar is launching a new brand of lifestyle-oriented headphones today called Roam. Its first product will be Ropes, a set of earbuds that you wear around like necklace when they're not in use. Well, that's one solution to the earbuds you're always losing.

The around the neck design isn't exactly new, but Roam is new in thinking that it'll be attractive enough that people will want to wear their headphones there all the time. The headphones have six-hour battery and connect to your phone via Bluetooth. Once connected, you can personalize the sound of the headphones using a five-band EQ in Roam's app.

The headphones will cost $300 when they're available in November, which seems a little steep. Lamar claims these are the best-sounding headphones in the world, which is completely an preposterously untrue without even listening to them. But perhaps people will buy into the design the way they did with Beats. [Roam]

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If they do not come with the magnets to hold the two earpieces together, epic fail! Especially for this design.