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Robbers Checked Facebook Status Updates To See When People Weren't Home

Illustration for article titled Robbers Checked Facebook Status Updates To See When People Werent Home

Three robbers in New Hampshire are suspected of using Facebook to find status updates of people who wouldn't be home. It was a pretty genius strategy actually, they scored $200,000 worth of goods until they got caught.


Apparently, the robbers checked Facebook to see who would be out of their house at a certain time of the day. It obviously helped because the police say that the robbers managed to break into 50 homes and took items like monitors, watches, motorcycle helmets (?), and fireworks (not to mention the cold hard cash above). No word whether they were social network-savvy enough to use Foursquare as a "research tool" too. [WMUR9 via NY Times Bits]

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Denver is too damn high

yet another bullet dodged because I never got on the facebook bus