Robert Downey Jr. Talks About Iron Man's Death Wish

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We all know that this Iron Man won't feature the same charming little "prick" version of Tony Stark from the original. But we didn't know how dark it gets, until we spoke with Robert Downey Jr at Comic Con.


We got a few minutes with RDJ right after the amazing blow-you-away Iron Man 2 footage was debuted at San Diego's Comic Con. The one thing we really wanted to know was, how dark is the new Tony going to be? We'd heard rumors of alcoholism (RDJ leads us to believe that's not the case) and dark thoughts but we had no idea he Iron Man 2 would find our millionaire hero so down in the dumps. At the SDCC roundtables RDJ shared his thoughts on where Tony is today.

How has Tony changed since Iron Man 1?

That's the question I think he's asking himself. I think that it brings up a lot of internal conflict. Because he was thought of as this kind of charming prick. Then he was almost killed and then he exerts his own escape, kind of heroic but really on his own behalf. I think that there's probably a bit of an impostor complex as soon as he said, "I am Iron Man," he was wondering what that really means. If you have all this cushion, like he does, and the public is on your side, and you have immense wealth and power, I think he's way too insulated to be okay. And I think the footage has tipped [off] that he's struggling with some sort of contamination of his own system, and he has a very formidable guy saying, "I don't care what everyone thinks of you, I know that you come form a family of murderers and thieves. And I'm going to take you out of your misery." And maybe he almost half wants that to happen.

There's a lot going on. It's bad-ass. This story is really sweet. We're so proud of it because we literally worked so hard, and spent so much time together and spent so many weekends. And tore our eyebrows out, to try to find the best way to express the most streamlined version of the complexities of what really would happen.

Is Tony Stark's alcoholism in this film?

It would be a shame to waste [the alcoholism subplot] in a movie that is already spinning so many plates. But as previously mentioned, is he was making some poor choices and then decided to throw himself to a birthday party expect that birthday to be a bacchanalian just disaster.


We saw you in a night club with Scarlett [Johansson]. Can you explain that scene to us?

I would imagine that, that is a piece from his birthday party and he would not have his birthday party in a nightclub. He's going to probably blow his own roof off.


Iron Man 2 will be in theaters on May 7th.


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I know it's a trick of the way the photo was taken but RDJ and Jeffrey Dean Morgan could pass for brothers.

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