In the far-off land of Qatar camel racing is all of the rage, but unlike similar horse racing in the states, the camel owners will do anything they can to lighten the load, including using children as young as 5 as jockeys. More than a decade later somebody decided that using children as jockeys just isn't right and designed a robot to replace the kids. Enter the Robo-Jockey. This robot has been in the works for a few years, but it has been somewhat finalized. Previous Robo-Jockeys fell off the camel and also melted. This robot will sit atop the camel and whip at different speeds and pressures all while weighing less than seven pounds and less than one foot tall. It even includes a speaker so verbal commands can be given to the camels. It is probably less degrading for the camels, too. I would much rather be whipped by a robot than a five-year-old any day of the week.

Rein of the robo-jockey [Via Gearlog]