RoboCop Crushed By Natalie Portman's Ballerina

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Good news for remake-haters, bad news for cyborg-lovers. We reported the other day that Darren Aronofsky's RoboCop remake was delayed until at least 2011, and now it looks like it'll be a lot longer. Aronofsky's making a supernatural ballerina movie.

Natalie Portman is attached to star in Aronofsy's film Black Swan, about an aging ballerina who's locked into a competitive situation with a rival dancer — who may be real, or a supernatural entity, or a figment of the ballerina's imagination. Black Swan has been in development hell at Universal since early 2007, but now that Aronofsky's scored a big hit with the Wrestler and Portman's on board, studio insiders see it going into full swing as soon as this year. (Also, the script got a needed lick of paint from development exec Mark Heyman.) Apparently, it's a "spine-tingler" along the lines of The Others, the Nicole Kidman movie where you don't know what's real.


As for RoboCop, it's not sounding good. The Hollywood Reporter's sources refer to it as not "ready to go," which means it's probably on the back burner for now. Which, as I said, is good news if you hate remakes. Although I have to admit, I'd way rather see Natalie Portman play a one-woman cyborg SWAT team than see her as a neurotic ballerina. [The Hollywood Reporter]