Robot Chicken is bringing an Avatar slow jam and a full hour of new Star Wars awesomeness

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Seth Green and company previewed next season, teasing more Star Wars silliness than ever before, Avatar's N'avi love-making music, how they'll rip into Twilight, their epic Lord of the Rings sketches, and Batman finally beating the Joker to death.

Their third Star Wars special will be their biggest and most ambitious yet. After two half-hour specials, this one expands to a full hour and features a somewhat cohesive plot that runs from before The Phantom Menace to after Return of the Jedi. (Seth Green speculated that this is where the false rumors about their upcoming LucasFilm Star Wars comedy being set after Jedi came from.)

The story starts with the Emperor mulling over his life right after Darth Vader throws him down the Death Star shaft. Comic books heavy-hitter Geoff Johns contributed some sketches for the special, as did Boba Fett voice actor Breckin Meyer. Along with the regular menagerie of guest stars, the episode features the voices of Zach Efron and Lando Calrissian himself, Billy Dee Williams.


That special airs the week before their latest Christmas special, which features Superman and Santa reenacting the famous race between Supes and the Flash. Then the season itself starts up, and they've got a fresh set of satirical targets. Seth Green's favorite sketch from the new season has the provocative title "Blue Rabbits Fucking", which features the N'avi (and everything else on Pandora) getting down to an R&B slow jam sung by Fallout Boy's Patrick Stump.

They said they'll be doing a Twilight video game, about which they joked, "A lot happens in that video game." They said they'll be tackling the question of whether a 109-year-old Edward should really be dating a teenager. We also saw digs at Transformers 3, Tron, and Harry Potter, plus a psychotic Home Alone spoof featuring the voice of Macauley Culkin himself.


The show is also setting its sights on more classic works. After largely eschewing Lord of the Rings for the first four seasons, Robot Chicken is doing about a dozen Gandalf sketches this season, plus stuff on J.R.R. Tolkien Jr. and a more juvenile version of Lord of the Rings. When asked why the show almost entirely focuss on DC Comics instead of Marvel, they said that's just where they have more jokes to tell, but they just finished the animatic for a Captain America parody that's "very Chris Evans."

And the show is even delving into its own mythology a little - the season finale will be the show's 100th, and it might finally reveal why the mad scientist from the opening credits keeps forcing the robot chicken to watch all these clips.


The third (and, for now, final) Star Wars special airs December 12, and the Christmas special on December 19. The fifth season starts up in early 2011.