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Robot Cops Aren't Supposed to Drop Grenades and Run Over Them

I thought bomb squads used robots to extract explosives in a safe manner. When said robot drops potentially-live grenades AND THEN RUNS OVER THEM with its treads, I don't think the robot is doing a very good job.


The robot was put into action by the San Francisco PD yesterday when they discovered the grenades in a garage. If you skip to the 2:30 mark in the video, you can watch the robot drop a grenade onto the ground, and then at 3:40 you can see its operator direct the bot on top of the grenade, as even the news anchors can't help but ask, WTF?

The grenades had belonged to a recently deceased man, and his family discovered them while going through his stuff. Fortunately, this fail did not reach epic status, especially since this was next to a bunch of businesses, but this was definitely an exemplary display of incompetence. There's also a pretty good second opinion on the entire affair here. [Youtube]

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sp00nix T-5

"What operating system is it running?"

"Windows Vista"

"Were all dead!"