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Robot Picks up the Dead or Dormant. Wait, Dormant??

Illustration for article titled Robot Picks up the Dead or Dormant. Wait, Dormant??

Among the robots Japan's been making to help their elderly population, this body remover is probably the scariest. Sure, the Gundam maid robot looks mean when serving you tea, but does it remove dead bodies? We don't think so.


And seriously, does is their population really dying at such a rate that Japan needs robots to clear dead bodies? And do they need them to pick up dormant bodies too?! Imagine the looks on those vagrants faces when they realize they're being shoved into a dark box with the recently and soon-to-be deceased.


It was first demonstrated about 13 years ago, so we hope it has the dead/not-quite-dead distinction nailed by now.

Unmanned rescue robot [via Tokyo Times]

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Huell Howitzer

I like how the robotraises its arms in victory after consuming the body. FATALITY!