Illustration for article titled Japans Makes Maid Robot That Surprisingly Looks like Gundam, Not a Sexy Lady

If you imagined Japan's roboticists making a robot that pours tea and washes dishes, you'd imagine some kind of sexy maid with a short skirt and gigantic knockers. Well, you'd be wrong. The University of Tokyo went in the complete opposite direction and made a robot that looks like a Gundam.


Pretty interesting choice, seeing as these robots are designed to help seniors with household chores as they grow older and become unable to care for themselves. As Japan's population shifts to the late life, researchers are picking up the pace and developing robots to care for them when they retire. Perhaps when you think about it, designing a robot that looks like it can fight may be useful if they ever need to add security and self defense functions later. Not so great for the "companion" functions though.

Japan mixes robotics with tea time [Yahoo News via Spluch]

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