Robot Sees Your Face, Scrawls a Tepid Likeness

Illustration for article titled Robot Sees Your Face, Scrawls a Tepid Likeness

Just when we were thinking there weren't quite enough people who could draw faces, along comes a robot created by researcher Sylvain Calinon that can sketch a workmanlike likeness of someone within its field of vision. See the courteous contraption doing its dirtywork in a video on the next page.


We wonder why the robot's handlers insisted on using a pen that must be dipped in an inkwell. But that's one polite robot, saying thank you to its slavemaster. One thing we can say for its artistic ability: It can certainly draw straight lines for the frame. We'd like to see what an artistic robot will be able to do 10 years from now, though. [Technabob]


tdj114 and strider_mt2k, I really wish that Big Willie had not pooped on Isaac's grave like that. I think Will and Robin Williams have taken turns kicking Asimov's corpse.

Only Light Years has been even remotely decent.

As for this topic, are there not things in every mall in America that do this while you wait?