Rock Band Review Roundup (Verdict: Great Hardware, Multiplayer)

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Ars, OXM, IGN review Rock Band, and find the hardware to be solid enough, the songs righteous, and Guitar Hero soundly trumped in multiplayer. IGN gives it a 9.4/10. OXM gave em a 9.5/10. Glad they both passed over the played-out 11/10 verdict.


Fav of reviewers is The World Tour, which penalizes your band's career when one of your musically challenged friends drops his drumsticks. Single player is not as great as it is in Guitar Hero, because, hey, very few of us are capable of running a one man band like Axl here. Surprisingly, there are no mentions of online problems, PS3 or XBox Live. Looks like you're safe to buy, if you can find a copy this late in the game. My two cents: Those drums are going to tart up your living room something awful. [Ars IGN, OXM]

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And for all the dooches who say "go learn to play a real instrument", I can only guess that you yourselves do not play real instruments. I've been playing bass for 22 years, guitar for 19 and fiddling with drums since high school. Playing a real guitar and playing Guitar Hero are about as similar as skating on Tony Hawk and real-life boarding. Meaning, of course, they are similar, but certainly not the same.

I have friends who have never "really" played guitar in their life who kick my ass on Guitar Hero. It simulates the experience of playing, but is nothing like really playing.

Harmonix has said their hope was to create musical experiences for gamers to spur them on to actually pursue real instruments. That would be great ... but there is certainly no harm in just experiencing the game without having to commit decades to mastering the instruments.

And @Sqube: I agree - you'll love the 360. Best gaming platform there is. I've got a PC, Wii (for my 7 year old), DS and a 360, and 95% of my gaming is done on the 360. Xbox Arcade has some terrific time wasters, and the flagship games (Halo 3, Gears of War, Oblivion, Mass Effect, etc) are just so far and above anything the Wii offers, it will blow your mind. And as for commuting, funny you should mention that - I'm "working from home" today so I can put some time in on Mass Effect.