Rock Band Review Roundup (Verdict: Great Hardware, Multiplayer)

Ars, OXM, IGN review Rock Band, and find the hardware to be solid enough, the songs righteous, and Guitar Hero soundly trumped in multiplayer. IGN gives it a 9.4/10. OXM gave em a 9.5/10. Glad they both passed over the played-out 11/10 verdict.

Fav of reviewers is The World Tour, which penalizes your band's career when one of your musically challenged friends drops his drumsticks. Single player is not as great as it is in Guitar Hero, because, hey, very few of us are capable of running a one man band like Axl here. Surprisingly, there are no mentions of online problems, PS3 or XBox Live. Looks like you're safe to buy, if you can find a copy this late in the game. My two cents: Those drums are going to tart up your living room something awful. [Ars IGN, OXM]


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