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Rocket Sled Attempts to Pancake a Car, Fails Gloriously

In what must be the most incendiary Mythbusters test to date, the show's crew tried to flatten a car...using a 700mph, two-stage rocket sled.


Spoiler: The car doesn't quite flatten. It fragments all over the desert.

Spoiler 2: Rockets move very quickly. Or as Adam Savage so aptly puts it, "When that second stage kicked in I was thinking ‘I've never seen anything go that fast', and then I realized, actually that's correct: I have never seen anything go that fast." [via GadgetLab]

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Energy is the square of mass * speed. That rocket sled must have been heavy.

Imagine a heavy guided tungsten projectile released from the SR-71 at mach 3. That was a kinetic weapon the department of defense was considering at one time. No trace of explosives. But total destruction.