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So there's Elton John, sitting in his office, all Writer's Block-ed out, and flipping his Bic biro in despair. He liked the way it moved, "Like a rocket," he thought. "I know, I'll write a song about it and call it Rocket Pen". It was only the return of Bernie Taupin from the kitchen, where he had been making the tea, who told Elton that it wouldn't work. "Better Rocket MAN, Elt, old chum," he said. "Save the Rocket Pen for the 21st Century. It might work better as a gadget than a song*."


Three decades later, Sir Elton is sitting in his office, bored of songwriting, flipping his Bic. He thinks back to his original Eureka! moment but this time decides to turn it into a $7.99 office toy** for bored workers to amuse their colleagues and, occasionally, hit their bosses in the eye by mistake. Or on purpose. I don't know.

Product Page [ThinkGeek via New Launches]

* This might not be true.
** This is true, but not the Elton John part. Obviously.
*** Bonus video with William Shatner to know who all these people are, right after the jump


Rocket Man by the other rocket man — it's a bit scary for a Tuesday morning

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